Home Subdomains


  • FarisHijazi: Where you can find more information about Mazen and his thoughts
  • [offline] play.FarisHijazi.com: Where you can explore Mazen’s projects, interactive reports, and educational interactive content.
  • [redirect] notion.FarisHijazi.com: Where you can Mazen’s Notion public content (e.g. wikihows, random experiments, etc.).
  • [redirect] essays.FarisHijazi.com: Where you can find essays about different topics on Mazen’s Notion
  • [redirect] ai.FarisHijazi.com: Where you can find AI related content on Mazen’s Notion
  • [redirect] swe.FarisHijazi.com: Where you can find Software Engineering (SWE) related content on Mazen’s Notion
  • [redirect] logs.FarisHijazi.com: Where you can find Mazen’s reportings of his progression to complete his goals. In addition, Mazen will share his insights and share interesting resources that he came across.
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